About Us

Such as another website related to affiliation is not available in India Which can solve all problems related to affiliation. Keeping in mind the
problems encountered in affiliation, Smt. Shahnaz decided to create a such website www.salelelo.com in 2015 which help any educational
field related recognition, whether it is Tools and Equipment, Furniture, Books, Stationery, Charts, PP kits, Web designing, Mapping, Norms,
Consultancy Data Feeding, Scholarship Feeding, Examination Feeding, Bank Feeding, CCTV Camera, Uniform, etc is made available on the
one portal and provide all important links related to affiliation, and provide discounts to all the above mentioned categories are available on
the website. we wish This website will solve all affiliation related all problem, and useful for need.


Chief executive officer
Smt. Shahnaz